My name is Dan Hanks and I am running because Idaho's children deserve better than 48th place. We are beginning a campaign that demands quality education for all of Idaho's children. This is a campaign that needs your support to help ensure we don't let establishment politicians lose sight of their constitutional responsibilities. As a counselor, I have seen the damage done by an Idaho education system which is chronically behind our neighboring States.

I also am in this fight because conditions are getting worse for the working families of Idaho. While our economy is growing, the benefits of that economy are not reaching those who are working the hardest and longest. In our community, the current situation leads our neighbors to have to work across State lines to make ends meet. I believe that our working families deserve an opportunity to thrive and work in Idaho.

I am running to support small businesses, our State Government should be fighting to ensure that small Idaho-based businesses thrive right here in our state. Our network of small business owners and entrepreneurs must be supported, and policies focused on bringing in powerful outside corporations must be challenged.

I am running to represent constituents and not political parties. Representation is about voting for the values of our community, and being willing to vote against the control of establishment politics.